We Give Student Scholarships

Student education and matriculation is our key concern. we have sought out support from generous individuals who are willing to transform the current realities of marginalized rural living and present the blessed alternative of education. Many supporters from around the world have joined our efforts and championed the provision of access to quality education.

Choosing Scholars

A supporter decides to provide a child an educational scholarship by selecting the donate button for the prescribed amount. The scholarship amount for primary education is $100 and for secondary education is $350. Supporters are encouraged to create an account on the “Portal” page. Once the account is created, a child will be assigned to the account based on your preferences (i.e. gender, age, grade). The portal will give access to the sponsored child’s profile, picture, and grades.

Our Approach


We use historical data to locate high-need schools whose students are at risk of dropping out.


Scholarship packages include: tuition costs, school materials, lodging and transportation fees.


After enrollment, scholarship recipients must maintain at least a 75% attendance rate to continue in our program.