Our Work


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela). We endeavor to give children and communities access and opportunity to learn and expand the possibilities for self and community development and improvement. The construction of schools is vital to ensuring access to quality education is possible in distinct remote locations around the world.


Teachers are important in providing the bridge or gateway to exploration and learning. In many rural and remote areas, there is a lack of quality teachers. Our aim is to support teacher development in three distinct areas including develop teacher aids and materials, provide additional professional development experiences, and give teacher access to track student achievement for analysis and direct improvements.


Many families simply can’t afford school. Many students are turned away because they can’t pay school fees or have school supplies. We help students and families by removing the financial burden of education. We provide both primary and secondary sponsorships for students.


The efforts of support to students, families and the broader community are important. Our programs are measured to show outcomes and substantiate the level of impact in the areas of service.


It is not enough to increase the access to education. We hope to impact the broader community as well by engaging in community development activities to directly change the living situation of families and address the economic self-sustainable motivators with communities.