Build Schools

We Build Schools

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela). We endeavor to give children and communities access and opportunity to learn and expand the possibilities for self and community development and improvement. The construction of schools is vital to ensuring access to quality education is possible in distinct remote locations around the world.

What we’ve done

Since 2011, we have established schools in Central America and Africa. We not only look to provide access to education primarily accomplished through the building of educational facilities, but we ensure children receive quality education as well. This is accomplished by partnering with each country’s respective Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) to form a partnership in the operations and management of the locations.

Our Approach


We work with communities that share the hopes and possibility of an educated society.


Each partnering community is asked to contribute a portion of the funds and labor to build.


We provide supplemental programming to provide quality learning.